U.S. Government Lifts Stay on Work to be Performed by ANHAM FZCO

May 7, 2010

ANHAM Prepared for Full Implementation and Transition to Prime Vendor to U.S. Government for Food Services in Kuwait, Iraq

VIENNA, VA – On May 7, 2010, the U.S. Government directed ANHAM FCZO, LLC, to resume work on the implementation and ramp up to providing full-line food and non-food distribution and support services in Kuwait and Iraq.

“We are, and have been, fully prepared to work as Prime Vendor immediately,” said David Braus, managing director for ANHAM. “Complemented by strong and reliable local country affiliates and vendors, our capable and experienced team is ready for this important work. The DLA reviewed our proposal side by side and we are confident we offer the best work, at the best value with the highest certainty of quick and efficient delivery.”

The Prime Vendor contract requires ANHAM to provide a range of food products – from fresh fruits and vegetables to Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s) and other operational rations. The contract is estimated at a total aggregate dollar value of $2.16 billion, including options if exercised, with a maximum contract dollar value of $6.47 billion. The initial contract period is 18 months, with options to renew the contract up to six years.

Since the award announcement on April 14, 2010, ANHAM has made significant progress on the ground in its mobilization and transition efforts. “We fully expect to meet and exceed all deadlines and milestones set by the company and the U.S. Government,” said Braus. ANHAM is already working with and intends to work through more than 100 vendors and service providers locally in Kuwait to support its operations under the contract.

“We are very proud to serve as Prime Vendor, and to continue to build upon ANHAM’s legacy of delivering the best services at the best value, under some of the most challenging conditions in the world. Our experience with this kind of work will insure a smooth transition,” added Braus.