ANHAM’s global network enables us to deliver customized multi-modal solutions encompassing air, sea and road operations.

Warehousing and Distribution

ANHAM FZCO offers a full range of Warehousing and Distribution solutions catering to clients’ various needs. Our strategically located facilities are temperature controlled, dry and container based storage. ANHAM meets both international standards and best industry practices and is ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 compliant.

ANHAM and partner facilities are located and sized in:

ANHAM has world class technology installed at each facility and its business systems are uniquely aligned with customer requirements for full reporting and visibility. ANHAM utilizes Exceed WMS, SAP transportation and DSS customer service platforms to support each operation.

Each site has:

Every location has highly trained and long tenured employees that provide the following value added requirements for each client:

Freight Forwarding

ANHAM Logistics provides door to door solutions for all types of cargo goods moving into and out of the Middle East and African regions. ANHAM provides compliant customs clearances certifying all Governmental requirements are met and ensuring timely delivery. Our dedicated customs team is able to handle all of the necessary requirements for clearance on all types of shipments and modes, including import, export and transit cargo.

Our unique network of air, land and sea-based solutions can be tailored to move general cargo, perishables, military, diplomatic and dangerous goods across the world.

ANHAM has its own fleet that is linked to our In-transit Visibility system to provide real time data and updates to clients. We provide regional hubs in Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan and Dubai to enable safe and secure transport solutions in a cost effective manner. ANHAM is one of the few companies providing important supplies into Iraq and Afghanistan supporting Coalition Missions while leveraging the platforms for commercial business sectors.

ANHAM Logistics offers the following services for our land, sea and air services: