Gaven Jones Promoted to COO

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Gaven Jones to Chief Operating Officer (COO) from Vice President of Operations. Gaven joined ANHAM in 2013 and has quickly gained the respect of all of those who work with him as well as the Board of Directors.

During Gaven’s tenure with ANHAM, he has managed the mobilization of the Afghanistan Prime Vendor program, developed and implemented ANHAM’s strategy to overcome the difficulties surround the disbandment of secure activities in Afghanistan; which resulted in use of 2,000 air missions. After assuming the role of Vice President Operations in January 2015, Gaven worked to centralize key support functions and embarked on a company-wide drive for improvement and efficiency, the output of which has seen a dramatic improvement to the financial health of the company, including a number of management initiatives on our PVK program by working with the management team there.

Gaven will remain in Dubai and over time, integrate into this broader management role. His increased leadership role will bolster ANHAM’s future and ensure the viability of the company for the long term as we move through our various re-competes and increase our new business and capture efforts into new markets. Gaven has proven to be highly respected by both our customers and business partners for his integrity and professional leadership.

We congratulate Gaven for the recognition of this contributions to the company and his leadership going forward and are completely confident that this move will allow ANHAM to become any event greater company than it is today.