School Community Program Completes First Girls School

AfgranGirlsSchoolAt ANHAM we are committed to responding to the needs of the communities we work in. By nurturing the capabilities of our neighbors and the environment surrounding them, a world of endless opportunity is born. That is why ANHAM started our School Community Program in early 2014. Since its inception, the program has completed a total of 23 school renovations to date.


The School Community Program project’s first girl’s school renovation in Afghanistan.

The latest School Community Program project, completed in March 2016, was the program’s first girl’s school renovation in Afghanistan. The school was plastered, painted and all of the windows and doors were replaced. ANHAM also donated over 200 new desks, chairs, and backpacks as well as writing materials and school uniforms for all of the girls.

We are excited about the value of this program and the positive impact it leaves on the community. That is why ANHAM will continue our efforts throughout the year, with ten schools scheduled to be completed by December 2016.