ANHAM Procurement Brings Afghanistan Vehicle Fleet up to Speed

Over a six week period from May until June 29, 2016, ANHAM, Subsistence Prime Vendor Afghanistan, worked with Army Contracting Command – Warren to procure 18,729 Class IX repair parts across 779 part lines – an order which enabled a large number of vehicles in Afghanistan to be returned to Fully Mission Capable status.

The $6.5 million procurement was issued in May based on an immediate need and is part of $13.9 million parts purchasing extension. The successful execution of this project required ANHAM to manage 33 RFQs being sent to 120 vendors and 45 Purchase Orders that were issued to 10 vendors. Much of the project took place during Ramadan and the ANHAM team in Amman, Jordan worked closely with the US government to ensure that these processes were managed efficiently and that the immediate needs were resolved in a timely fashion, during a month when many projects face timing challenges due to reduced work hours.