Employee Profile | Rami Shams


Rami Shams is a Supply Chain Manager for ANHAM

I joined ANHAM in August 2010 as a Warehouse Manager with total responsibility for the Warehouse, Inventory and QC operations including KPI requirements – supporting a US government contract with a value in excess of $2billion. After a brief stint in 2013 as an Operation Manager in Afghanistan (supporting a contract with a value in excess of $10billion), I returned to Kuwait as the Prime Vendor Supply Chain Manager.

Since I began at ANHAM, I have been directly involved in two start-up and mobilization projects – Prime Vendor Kuwait (PVK) and Subsistence Prime Vendor Afghanistan (PVA). In both contracts, I played a pivotal role in the creation of processes, KPIs and WMS implementation and training.

Starting at the end of September 2015, I took on a 4-month project as Operations Manager for a USAID Humanitarian Aid Project with an expected completion date of 31 January, 2016. This very high profile project again required me to implement those same focus and start-up principals that were required in my work on the Prime Vendor Contracts.

I was responsible for overseeing the Inbound and Outbound Operations for 1.9 million cases of stock with a contract value over $12 million, which meant managing everything from infrastructure, employment and training of staff to the operational and logistical management of 850 inbound containers (22,000 pallets) and dispatching on 999 containers.

The professional successes I gained in these startup projects led to my current role as Supply Chain Manager, where my operational awareness and management, WMS knowledge and analytical skills have been key to my role and management of the department.