Lieutenant General Busch visits ANHAM facility in Kuwait

Lieutenant General Andrew E Busch, DLA Director, made a visit to the main ANHAM facility in Kuwait on Sunday 28th August, accompanied by Vice-Admiral Vincent Griffith Director, DLA Logistics Operations (J3). 

Lieutenant General Andrew E Busch

Lieutenant General Andrew E Busch

The senior DLA leadership met with Brad Dunn, Program Manager Subsistence Prime Vendor-IJK and Mark Webster, Operational Support Director. 

Amongst topics discussed were the continued operational success of both PV programs in particular ground movements into the Iraq AOR, on-going Peshmerga support and ANHAM’s humanitarian aid capability in the Middle-East.

LTG Busch commented that within DLA, ANHAM were setting the benchmark not just within CL1 vendors but across all classes, and that our accomplishments were being noticed by all as the standard for vendors to achieve.