ANHAM Employee Profile | Basema Al Khatib

I joined ANHAM in 2005 as a Site Liaison under the NMC Vehicle Maintenance contract in Iraq. During this time, I was presented with the unique challenge of joining ANHAM right as the company was mobilizing for its first major contract. In my new role, I was responsible for developing systems and processes related to the mobilization and then training the staff in Iraq on these procedures. In a very short time, the team established clearly defined processes, thanks to all of the team members’ support, cooperation and engagement.

ANHAM Employee Basema Al Khatib

Basema Al Khatib

In 2007, I took on the newly created role of Quality Control Manager. My primary role was to ensure that all of the work done on ANHAM projects was done in a manner that was compliant with standards and minimized delivery discrepancies. By streamlining and simplifying the discrepancy reporting process, working with the end users and procurement teams to improve ordering procedures, and through intensive follow-up inquiries on received and rejected or missing shipments, I was able to reduce the amount of defect write-offs from over $500,000 to a negligible amount within one year. Of course, I could not have done this without strong support from my team, other departments and project staff.

The success I achieved throughout my 11 years at ANHAM has given me the confidence to know that I can succeed in any role.

With the support of ANHAM’s senior management, I successfully completed the Supply Chain Management for Professionals course and received an ISO QMS certification in 2010. These professional certifications have increased my knowledge base and allowed me to be a more productive member of ANHAM’s team. In addition, this training allowed me to take the lead on ANHAM’s 2008 ISO certification, and I am currently working toward transitioning the certification to the 2015 standard, which I expect to be completed within the next six months.

In December 2015, I was promoted to the role of Procurement Manager where I oversee a team of five staff members based in the Amman office. I appreciate that ANHAM believes in my abilities enough to trust me in this new role. The work with ANHAM was, and is still, very challenging; through it, though, I have gained a great deal of experience, skills and knowledge.  The success I achieved throughout my 11 years at ANHAM has given me the confidence to know that I can succeed in any role. I look forward to achieving new successes and meeting new challenges with ANHAM in the years to come.