ANHAM FZCO Fighting Deforestation In Afghanistan

One of the most pressing environmental issues facing Afghanistan is deforestation. According to the United Nations Environmental Program, Afghanistan’s forest cover has decreased by an estimated 50 percent over the past three decades.

ANHAM sponsored 2,000 tree saplings in Afghanistan.

ANHAM FZCO was approached by the District Governor of Bagram to assist in the country’s plan for a greener environment, with the support of the country’s President Ghani, the Bagram Mayor and Police Chief. This cooperation with the local community and Afghan government allowed ANHAM FZCO to sponsor 2,000 tree saplings. Additionally, ANHAM FZCO has made plans to contribute to the planting and irrigation of the area around Bagram Airfield.

Continued deforestation can damage environmental stability and limit opportunities for future generations. As an advocate for the Afghan community and its resources, ANHAM FZCO is assuming an active role in helping address environmental issues. Correcting the environmental problems in Afghanistan is a daunting challenge, but with ANHAM FZCO’s support and the continued efforts of the local community, positive changes are already being made.


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