ANHAM FZCO Employee Profile | Abraham Matthew

Abraham Matthew, ANHAM FZCO Lead Mechanic

Abraham Matthew

Abraham Matthew, ANHAM FZCO Lead Mechanic

ANHAM FZCO Lead Mechanic

I joined the ANHAM FZCO team (PVK) in 2013 as a lead mechanic in the Transportation Department’s Maintenance Facilities. It was the familiar mix of troubleshooting problems and ultimately finding solutions to challenges that sparked a drive and passion in me for mechanics, and has made my work with ANHAM FZCO so rewarding these past few years.

During my four years with ANHAM FZCO, I have been responsible for maintaining all vehicle functional conditions. This has been possible by doing the following: listening and engaging with operator complaints; conducting inspections; repairing mechanical malfunctions; replacing parts and components; correcting vehicle deficiencies; verifying vehicle performance by conducting test drives; adjusting controls and systems; and, repairing, rebuilding or replacing engines and transmissions. I look forward to identifying new goals and achieving new successes with ANHAM FZCO in the years to come.