ANHAM Employee Profile | Ahmad Jawad Haidari

Ahmad Jawad Haidari, ANHAM FZCO Operation Coordination

Ahmad Jawad Haidari

From September 2011 to August 2012, I worked with (KTC) company, an ANHAM FZCO sub-contractor, as a site supervisor, monitoring the forklift and scissor lift drivers. The construction manager, Mr. Duraid Al Jabouri, was pleased with my work and suggested that I transition to work with ANHAM FZCO on the SPV-A Project.

I was excited to start working with ANHAM FZCO as a project site supervisor, checking and monitoring the sub-contractors working on Depot 5 construction. After the construction was completed, I started working with the maintenance department in a general maintenance position. I worked the nightshift, where I repaired ceiling lights, racking beams, doc levelers, racking safety guards, shutter doors and made other repairs as needed.

In May 2015, I changed to the day shift and took on the new title of Operation Coordination. Currently, I am responsible for answering customer requests and receive Service Order Requests by phone, email, walk-in, etc. I am also responsible for coordinating various other departments (Facility Supervisors, HVAC, Electrical, Carpentry and Plumbing) to assure proper delivery of services to our customers.