ANHAM Employee Profile | Rafi Mahboob

“I cannot explain the huge amount of support I have received, and look forward to a very prosperous career with ANHAM.” – Rafi Mahboob

Rafi Mahboob joined ANHAM in October 2011. Starting as a Security Operations Officer at the ANHAM Kabul facility, he later transferred to the Bagram facility to assist operations in 2013. After several years working at those two facilities and becoming part of the ANHAM family, Mahboob has risen to a new role as a Security Operations Officer and is a critical member of the ANHAM team.

These days, Mahboob is the main liaison between ANHAM security and the guard force protecting the Bagram site. His responsibilities include everything from managing visitors and vendor deliveries to overseeing the administration of the security team. Mahboob is an invaluable part of ANHAM’s day-to-day success and we look forward to his continued growth.