ANHAM Provides Students Safe Place to Learn and Play

Refurbishing schools is a hallmark of ANHAM’s commitment to community. Over the past year, ANHAM has helped refurbish six schools including the Muhammed Mola High School and schools in the Parwan District. Recently, ANHAM finished its last school refurbishment program of 2017, opening a safe place for students (ages 6-17) to learn, play and study in the Bagram district.

For this project, ANHAM’s support went beyond classroom learning. In addition to supplying the school with new desks and chairs and giving students school supplies, uniforms and backpacks, this refurbishment project also included building a new sports area at the school. With this being one of the most financially challenged schools in the district, students especially loved this addition and were excited about a new space to play and relax.

Several ANHAM representatives attended the event and were excited to see how much the students enjoyed all the improved features of their school. With such a successful end to 2017, we are all looking forward to 2018 and all that it will hold for ANHAM and our communities around the world!