ANHAM Community Outreach Program

At ANHAM we are continuously working to grow our community outreach program and engage with local residents. We know the value of investing in children, and throughout the history of the program, one of our main interests has been finding ways to support school improvements and provide students with greater access to resources.

ANHAM has helped refurbish and repair 34 schools in the region and is pleased to announce the completion of a second school for girls. We helped the school refurbishments by funding new plastering and painting, providing windows and doors, and generally working to make the school buildings more comfortable for all students.

We also contribute everyday school essentials such as books, pens, pencils, desks, chairs and more for each of the schools in the district. Each child personally benefits from ANHAM’s donations through school uniforms and backpacks.

We are excited about the success of our Community Outreach Program to date, and we welcome the opportunity to continue supporting local education in the coming years.