ANHAM Employee Profile | Jacob Winship

Jacob Winship joined ANHAM in July of 2007 as a Contract Assistant. It was Jacob’s first job out of college, and he began working at ANHAM as a member of the team supporting the Iraqi Army Maintenance Program (IAMP). After spending his first months in ANHAM’s Virginia office, Jacob was given the opportunity to work full-time in Iraq. He spent the next three years working on the IAMP contract in Taji and Baghdad where he was ANHAM’s Liaison Officer to the U.S. Force – Iraq and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

In his role in Iraq, Jacob was responsible for training the Iraqi Army on logistics and maintenance processes and assisted the U.S. military in its support of the Iraqi Army.

Following the end of the IAMP in Iraq, Jacob transitioned to Afghanistan to work on ANHAM’s ATEMP contract. In Afghanistan, he had a similar role that included advising the Afghan Army and assisting with ANHAM Procurement operations.

After his time in Afghanistan, Jacob returned to work at ANHAM’s Virginia office and also began attending law school part-time. Jacob recently graduated from law school and passed the Virginia Bar Exam.

Jacob is excited to move into his new role of Compliance Manager at ANHAM where he will focus on procurement compliance and subcontract management: “I am very grateful to ANHAM for these past 10 years. ANHAM has given me a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.”