ANHAM Supports American Red Cross Efforts to Help Military Families

The American Red Cross, originally called The Red Cross Society and Red Crescent Movement, is an international humanitarian organization, founded under the terms of the first Geneva Convention in 1864. Its original duty was to care for those who were wounded, sick, or homeless in wartime. Today, it also attends to victims of natural disasters.

Made up of a network of nearly 97 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide, the American Red Cross is now dedicated to protecting human life and health, ensuring respect for all human beings, and preventing and alleviating human suffering. The organization also provides a many services and programs that support members of the military, veterans and their families prepare for, cope with, and respond to, the challenges of military service.

To assist with this tradition of service and support ANHAM started contributing monthly Shelf Staple Foods and Paper Products in November 2017.

ANHAM takes great pride in our support of the American Red Cross’ mission to offer assistance to members of the military, military families during deployments overseas and veterans; as well as the opportunity to share in the common bonds of humanity and compassion which unite us together, not just in the face of emergencies and disasters, but in whatever small way help can be offered to better our communities.