ANHAM Employee Profile | Nadeen Abdullah

ANHAM Employee Profile

“Working with ANHAM helped me to deploy and enhance my military business knowledge, utilize my full potential and add to my professional experience, business skills and team spirit.” – Nadeen Abdullah.

Nadeen Abdullah joined ANHAM in June of 2010 as a freight forwarding supervisor for the PV project in Kuwait. She was a significant contributor in establishing a process that facilitated freight movements and ensured cost effective support for ANHAM clients, including the U.S. government. In February 2014, Nadeen was promoted to freight forwarding manager and in 2015, she was involved in a Humanitarian Aid mobilization, where she played a key role in coordinating the successful dispatch of 999 truckloads carrying 1.9 million cases of stock in just 4 months.

During her eight year trajectory as an ANHAM employee, Nadeen has worked closely with carriers, including the government of Kuwait, the U.S. Embassy, host nations, Jordanian Armed Forces and Iraqi Customs to help clients structure smooth inbound/outbound operations for land, ocean and air military shipments. Many of these projects required Nadeen to manage complicated and thorough processes to ensure all operations satisfied government entities and customer requirements.

For example, her management of all inbound diplomatic shipments required her to monitor the containers in pipeline and manage the scheduling of the containers as they arrived at ANHAM warehouses. Therefore she was able to ensure that every container is delivered to its correct DODDAC with minimal time at port.

For outbound shipments, she managed all the export documentation required to deliver over 11,500 missions worth of food product to various military camps in Iraq and Jordan safely and without delay, while also adhering to the regulations of the origin, transit and final destination countries.

In 2016, Nadeen received a certificate of appreciation from Chief Warrant Officer 4 for her achievements for the PV contract and in 2017, she received a coin from the army as gratitude for her continuous efforts to pass key milestones and complete the project.