ANHAM Employee Profile | Arun Prakash

Arun Prakash joined ANHAM in September 2010 and is now the Assistant HR Manager for ANHAM Kuwait. Arun moved into his current position in 2014 after starting as an HR Specialist. Prior to joining ANHAM, he supported US government contractors for over 10 years and worked for CSA Ltd on the CSSC-Kuwait project.

In his current role, Arun is responsible for managing HR at ANHAM Kuwait and specifically employee HR needs. Arun has over 10 years of HR and administrative experience in multiple countries and multicultural environments. His time at ANHAM has helped him cultivate an excellent understanding of local regulations, HR policies, processes and systems. When this expertise is combined with his excellent interpersonal communication and analytical skills, Arun is uniquely suited to implement practical solutions that reflect ANHAM’s ever-changing business needs.

Arun earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from University of Calicut, India. He is originally from India and has been in Kuwait since 2006.