With the help of a generous donation from a sub-contractor, the ANHAM team comes together to support the local community’s celebration of Ramadan

ANHAM’s program to help our local community celebrate Ramadan expanded this past week when we received a generous donation of food from one of our sub-contractors.

The donation included bags of flour and rice, cooking oil, green tea and sugar for members of the community to enjoy during their Ramadan festivities. After receiving the donation, our team arranged with our LNO to deliver the generous donation to the local Bagram Orphanage, the Displaced Person School and the local council. It was incredibly rewarding for us to help bring these resources to the Displaced Person School, which ANHAM refurbished and contributed the resources to build a new play area in December 2017. By also distributing the food donation to the local council, the food will be able to reach many families in need across the district.

In the coming weeks, ANHAM will continue to distribute these large packages throughout our local community, ensuring all families can enjoy Ramadan. Thanks to all who helped make this recent initiative possible, we are excited to have been part of such a great cause.