Cheers for Fears at D5 Afghanistan

With spring fast approaching, we’re taking some time to reflect on the spooky ways we celebrated a chillier time of year.

On the evening of Nov. 1, 2018, the nightmare began as soon as one entered the DFAC. The place was decorated with various creepy objects and shapes, while also being dark, gloomy and silent. Entering in groups of four, the fun started in the darkness. As people nervously advanced through the dark hallway, suddenly figures began to pop up and scare everyone! People ran around until the groups realized it was all setup and found each other laughing.

Needless to say, the Halloween party at D5 was a wickedly fun night.

Everyone was dressed-up and fully committed to getting into character at the party. Costumes included: the devil witch with puppet doll, monstrous Frankenstein, two scary clowns, the vampire, the ghost nun and plenty of others dressed-up for the special event.

The party started with an introduction from our Program Manager, Ian “Toby” Hardie, who was also the Master of the Ceremony for the event. During the event, there were seven teams who participated and competed for the Halloween costume contest and various games.

The panel of judges for the costume competition were introduced: Mark Webster (Director of Operations), Rajkumar Annamalai (IT Manager), Kasni (DFAC Representative) and James Lumley (Visitor).

Team representatives were asked to appear before the judges who would determine the winner of the scariest costumes. Third place was awarded to “Princess” from Red team who dressed as a witch with a puppet doll. Second place was “Mildred” from Blue Team with a witch costume riding on a broom. First place was the Black Team presenting the cast from the movie “Silent Hill,” wherein three representatives impersonated zombies in the hospital setting. Emad as the patient, Felomina as the nurse and Anto Paul Vincent, the doctor.

After the conclusion of the costume contest, there were four games for the teams to participate in. Winning team were as follows: Witches Hat Ring Toss (Blue Team), Twister (Black Team), Tap Trap (Blue Team) and Headshot (Blue Team).

DFAC was truly transformed into a haunted house through fantastic decorations, which scared and delighted everyone in attendance, making for a fun and spooky fall.