Urgent Demand For PPE In Maryland

The United States continues to face a widening outbreak of COVID-19, which has already led to over 2 million confirmed cases across the 50 states.  State Governments and Federal Government Agencies have been mobilizing to fight the pandemic and medical PPE, especially masks, gloves, and gowns are in critically short supply.  ANHAM, with its large supplier base and logistics network, is ready and willing to assist wherever is required.

Most recently, ANHAM, in conjunction with its partner Potomac Valley Home Medical (PVHM), successfully responded to an urgent request for PPE supplies from the State of Maryland.  ANHAM and PVHM were able source and deliver 5.5 million KN95 masks within a period of 48 hours in order to meet the urgent deadline.  These masks are needed for their front line and hospital workers and ANHAM is proud to be part of the team that provided these products on time and according to specification.

Together ANHAM and PVHM stand ready and equipped to support the growing demand of PPE throughout both United States and the Rest of the World.