ANHAM Employee Profile |Gene Parnecio

In this employee profile we highlight the great work carried out by one of our most integral members of staff in Afghanistan, particularly over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

During the public health crisis, Gene Parnecio has provided an exemplary service and has ensured that all personnel on D5 have stayed safe with regards to COVID-19.  She has dealt with pandemic with extreme professionalism and ensured that all personnel are fully cared for to the highest standards. It is because of Gene and her team’s strong medical management that D5 is currently COVID free.

As an RN, Gene Parnecio is the lead of our medical front liner for providing healthcare services to our employees which includes the subcontractors and local – national staff. Over the years, she has conducted first aid classes, handled numerous medical emergency responses, life and limb situations and has facilitated several medical evacuations of patients to Dubai. Gene is also responsible for the initiation of the claim process for of medical insurance benefits of employee’s health coverage, as well as the DBA (Defense Base Act) insurance claims on work related incidents such as death, injuries, and illnesses.

Gene joined the ANHAM team in February 2011 as a Registered Nurse. She has been in charge of overseeing the compliance for medical requirements in accordance with US CENTCOM individual protection and individual unit deployment policy to ensure that all required medical screenings and vaccinations are conducted annually and that health clearances are being received by ANHAM employees prior to their work deployment.

Gene is a person of character and multi – functionality. The years with ANHAM has molded her to greater heights, pushed her to achieve more and is excited to what the future holds for her. We commend her for her extraordinary efforts A truly amazing employee and someone we can all look to in times of crisis

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