Recognizing Dedication Amid A Global Pandemic

Director of Operations, Mark Webster presents certificates to employees in Afghanistan.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to businesses, educational systems and the day to day lives of people across the globe. At ANHAM, we are experienced in operating in demanding environments which often exposes us to challenges which we are required to navigate. Over the past several months the public health crisis has been subject to one of those challenges and without the remarkable contribution and dedication from our teams based in Afghanistan, operations at our facility could have been disrupted.

As a result of hard work, focus and energy we recognised each and every employee that undertook the challenge with a certificate of appreciation. We believe our employees should take great pride in how they reacted and accomplished tasks to ensure operations continue to run efficiently and COVID free.

ANHAM is dedicated to protecting its people, maintaining the continuity of work and looks ahead to make knowledgeable and compliant decisions that drive operations forward.