Mark Webster – Director of Operations Support

IMG_0040Mark moved to this new role as the Operations Support Director in the Dubai Program Office in February 2016. Mark was previously the Deputy Program Manager for ANHAM’s SPV program in Afghanistan, where he was in charge of the delivery of the SPV-A transition and ongoing management of a complex multi-faceted $100 million contract for the US Military which includes P&L accountability in excess of $50 million. In this context, he has transitioned the 3rd party feeding provision to over 65,000 troops and civilians at 120 locations in Afghanistan. Added to his responsibilities as the DPM, Mark also managed the daily operations of the Bagram Regional Distribution Center which serves all US military and staff in country. In this role, Mark was in charge to enhance operational outcomes thru analytical and comprehensive review of five direct reports generated by the General Manager and all departmental heads (Logistics, HR, HSEQ, and Training & Customer Service). Holistically, this included the identification of key performance indicators that are operationally applicable to enhance customer service and cost efficiency.

Furthermore, Mark sustained performance with ANHAM remained consistent with his employment origins. Prior to ANHAM, Mark worked for Supreme Group in various management roles both in Africa and the Middle East, most notably, as a general manager under the United Nations program in Darfur, Sudan where he gained invaluable experience in remote areas of logistics. Additionally, Mark was the head of Operations in Ecolog International where he managed the division’s warehouse and logistics on all theater-based operations based in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also functioned as the operational subject matter expert for the acquisition of three International United Nations food logistics contracts. He has over 25 years Logistics industry experience from the UK and overseas.

Bradley Dunn – SPV-IJK  Program Manager

brADBrad is the Program Manager in Kuwait for the Prime Vendor Operation serving customers in Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan for the United States Military and the United States Department of State where he was in charge of the delivery and ongoing management of a 100+ Million dollar contract for the US Government Defense Logistics Agency overseeing 3 large multi-temp warehouse facilities, 2 full service truck depots and a multinational workforce in Kuwait and Iraq. In addition, Brad is involved in customer management, strategic planning, and operations improvement ensuring high levels of excellence in the past and the future. Brad became the Program Manager in 2014 after working as the Director of Customer Service. Brad helped oversee the most recent transition from the United States Military mission to the United States Department of State in Iraq in 2012. The accomplishments of the program include the 1st ever transition from an incumbent prime during war time and successful transitions to Department of State of which Mr Dunn was very instrumental.

Brad has worked in the supply chain sector for over 20 years and specifically focused on high volume distribution operations in the United States, Middle East and Europe. Brad reports directly to Mr Gaven Jones, COO. Brad has earned his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from NC State University and the Masters in Business from Queens University.

Ian (Toby) Hardie – SPV Afghanistan Program Manager

ianToby is a retired UK Warrant Officer II in Movement Control/Logistics for 25 years; he was deployed on operational tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan under the Joint Forces Logistic Element for the planning and execution of the sustainment elements to front lines. Toby took up employment after retirement for ANHAM’s Private Security Provider in 2004 but also was seconded in the consultant role for various project planning in Iraq, he became a direct employee in 2009 and took up the post as Project Manager for ANHAM’s LOGCAP IV sub contract with Fluor in Kandahar. Toby relocated to Kabul in 2010 and took over Program Management of the Host Nation Trucking Contract and the follow on National Afghan Trucking Contract, as the contract expired in 2012 he then moved across to SPV-A in the General Manager post and recently took up the Program Manager appointment in Feb 2016.