DLA Leaders Visit New Subsistence Prime Vendor in Kuwait

The following statement is in response to the Defense Logistics Agency’s recent visit to ANHAM facilities in Kuwait:

“We appreciate the positive visit by the DLA to our facilities and remain on track and on schedule to serve as “Prime Vendor” to the U.S. Government, providing food and support services for the U.S. Government in Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan,” said ANHAM Spokesperson Trish Wexler.

The Defense Logistics Agency published the following report on their visit:


Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Scott Chambers recently traveled to Kuwait with DLA Director Navy Vice Adm. Alan Thompson, and subsistence supply chain officials, to visit with representatives of the agency’s new subsistence prime vendor.

The goal of the group’s visit with ANHAM was to ensure a seamless transition between subsistence vendors for 145,000 troops, civilians and contractors in Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan.

Chambers, Thompson and other officials including Subsistence Director Navy Capt. Michael Hansen, spent an entire day at ANHAM’s facilities receiving briefings about the company’s operations, observing processes, evaluating capabilities and asking tough questions.

“We want to assure our war-fighting customers that the services and support they’ve come to expect from DLA will continue without pause during the transition period,” Chambers said. “A major focus for DLA Troop Support during this transition is ensuring that the holiday meals our war-fighters deserve and expect will be in the dining facilities during the holiday time frame.”

ANHAM is replacing former subsistence prime vendor Public Warehousing Co, though PWC will continue providing support until the transition is complete. ANHAM is scheduled to begin performance in mid-September and be at a full performance level for troops served in November.

In its new subsistence prime vendor role for Troop Support, ANHAM will manage all risk associated with purchasing, storing and delivering food and beverage items to U.S. forces in the countries served in Southwest Asia. Many of the main food items originate in the continental U.S. In addition, ANHAM is responsible for storage, stock rotation and delivery to customers of government-furnished materials such as ready to eat meals, kosher meals, halal meals, and unitized group rations.

Troop Support expects to have complete visibility over all transactions because ANHAM will use the subsistence total ordering receipting electronic system to take customer orders, officials said.

The new subsistence prime vendor is currently meeting timelines and requirements in support of operations in Iraq that it has been challenged to achieve, officials said.

Based on the company’s performance capabilities, DLA Troop Support officials said they are confident ANHAM will effectively deliver the necessary food required to sustain war-fighters in Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan.

The contract between DLA Troop Support and ANHAM has a base period of 18 months, which begins with the first order. If all six years’ worth of options are exercised, the dollar value of this award is $2.16 billion.