ANHAM’s Haiyan Relief Efforts

November 25, 2013

Washington (DC) – The Philippines just witnessed one of the largest and most devastating natural disasters ever on record. Typhoon Haiyan, which has affected as many as 11 million people with over 5,200 deaths, swept through the central portion of the island nation with little remorse – leaving behind it immense logistical difficulties and thousands of survivors anxiously awaiting aid. As a company home to many Filipino Nationals, ANHAM employees have undoubtedly been affected both directly and indirectly by this catastrophe. The company shares with them their grief and expresses its deepest sympathies and condolences to all of those affected.

As a means to bringing aid to those in need, ANHAM has established a support fund and has donated and raised a generous amount from its outstanding staff to assist those members of the ANHAM family who have suffered as a result of this disaster.

“The catastrophe in the Philippines is absolutely heartbreaking,” says ANHAM’s Senior Vice President Mr. Hassan Judeh. “We at ANHAM felt morally obliged to do all that we could in order to assist our fellow colleagues who were affected by this horrific tragedy.”

The company asks that you keep those in the Philippines in your thoughts as they continue to cope in Haiyan’s wake.