ANHAM Employee Profile | Gilbert S. Ramilo

I joined ANHAM in October 2009 as a Site Supervisor in Leatherneck, Helmand Province, Afghanistan for the ANHAM LOGCAP IV Project, which served as a sub-contractor to FLUOR in Kandahar. I was in charge of the overall on-site supervision, and I directly reported to both the FLUOR Operations Manager, as a sub-contractor for heavy equipment provision and operations, and to the ANHAM Project Manager. In my role, my responsibilities included overseeing the heavy equipment in order to ensure the machines were operational, coordinating repairs and parts replacements in the event of vehicle breakdowns, supervising a team of 17 operators and drivers, and ensuring the fulfillment of service missions.

ANHAM Employee Gilbert Ramilo

Gilbert Ramilo

My one-year stint in Leatherneck paved the way for the opportunity to be hired by the National Afghan Trucking (NAT) Project in March 2013 as a Transport Supervisor. In this capacity, I was in charge of dispatching trucks to customers, overseeing the tracking and monitoring of the trucks, and ensuring that appropriate details were provided to Finance for invoicing. On average, 20 HTVs were dispatched per day. My responsibilities also included directly coordinating with customers for their trucking requirements and responding to any issues they may have had, ensuring that the missions were compliant to the agreed upon coverage, and coordinating all mission-related issues with concerned parties.

At the end of May 2014, I was assigned to the SPV Project, and I took on a 2-month temporary position for the project before I was appointed to the role of Scheduling and Planning Supervisor in August 2014. I was tasked with supervising the allocation and utilization of self-perform assets for some 60 trucks.

My knowledge of transport operations and dedication to serving the best interests of the company have been key in my role in managing the department.

I was later promoted to the position of Traffic Manager in October 2015. In this role, I was responsible for overseeing movement for Inbound Operations and managing Transport Requirements for Outbound Operations, wherein I ensured the lowest cost-to-operate (LCTO) for an average of 26 outbound movements per day. As Traffic Manager, my department organized the outbound allocation of transport (air or road), met the necessary convoy requirements where applicable, and oversaw the tracking and monitoring of utilized transport. My team also managed the availability for allocation and dispatch, tracked updates and reported movements in the Mission Tracker, and coordinated with sub-contractors and monitored their performance.

Since 2014, I have been directly involved in improving the Mission Tracker at ANHAM, and I played an important role in the creation and implementation of KPIs for sub-contractors.

My professional successes and accomplishments led to my current role as Traffic Manager, a role in which I have been able to raise and suggest operational improvements and maintain a management database with operations information and reports. My knowledge of transport operations and dedication to serving the best interests of the company have been key in my role in managing the department.