ANHAM Won’t Stop Innovating

ANHAM’s promise of exceptional service starts and ends with our ability to ensure every solution is tailored to the needs of our clients in any environment. As part of our mission to fulfill that promise, we created the Integrated Global Expenditures Tracking system (iGET).


iGET Systems by ANHAM developed a supply chain management technology platform suite with the sole focus of offering small to large size businesses a scalable, flexible, and secure SCM solution befitting of most budgets.

ANHAM’s iGET Systems has been heralded as a leader in the field of supply chain management software. Used by customers in the Middle East, Central Asia and various other parts of the world, this system allows our clients to securely streamline and organize their supply chains. While iGET clients come from various industry backgrounds, the five primary areas of industry that use iGET are manufacturing, transportation, logistics, defense, and retail.

At ANHAM we’re not satisfied with maintaining the status quo, so in order to ensure a great system stays that way, ANHAM’s in-house development team continually reflect on past experiences to update and develop iGET technology. ANHAM won’t stop innovating; our clients need to stay competitive with changing expectations for structuring supply chains.

Some past projects implemented on iGET software include the Iraqi Army Maintenance Program, Taji National Depot in Iraq, the Darunta Dam Project in Afghanistan and the Afghan National Security Forces Facility Operations and Maintenance. The use of iGET software in each of these projects streamlined the supply chain process and eliminated glitches and security concerns for the client. ANHAM is dedicated to setting the industry standard for conducting difficult operations in challenging conditions, and tools like iGET allow ANHAM to continually provide our clients with the best possible support and planning.

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