ANHAM Employee Profile | Fredrick Siavuka

I joined ANHAM in July 2013 as a Warehouse Supervisor for the company’s PV project in Afghanistan with a responsibility to work and cover for the Warehouse Front Line Manager, duties that included the oversight of all the processes from goods in, storage, pick and dispatch to customers. I have risen up three levels since then to Frontline Manager, followed by Warehouse Shift Manager and on to my current role as the Warehouse Manager in Afghanistan.

Fredrick Siavuka

Fredrick Siavuka

The warehouse is a 36,000 pallet multi-chamber facility just outside Bagram Airbase. The logistical challenges of controlling the smooth flow of such a facility has provided me with many challenges and learning curves, each I have met with a fresh sense of purpose and understanding. The different departments work in unison to provide a “best in class” service to our customer, the men and women who work towards the success of Operation Resolute Support.

It has been an exciting journey with many challenges but with so many milestones from setting up for the operation, conducting the first case picks where hitting a pick total of ten thousand cases was a real struggle, to current level where we hit that in hours. Months and years of hard work have seen our warehouse reach new heights; our locations accuracy is well above global industry standards, warehouse damages at an all-time low and has an error rate that any business in the world would be proud of.

I am on my second month as the Warehouse Manager, a position I will use to drive for improvement and efficiency within our workforce and output to realize an improvement in the financial aspects of the business. My professional and personal success has been through the support I have received working under various managers as well as having a great team around me, and I look forward to more new challenges that will foster even greater success with ANHAM.