ANHAM Employee Profile | Sayed Timor Shah

Sayed Timor Shah

Currently, as an ANHAM Warehouse Supervisor, Timor oversees the entire dry warehouse operation. Timor started his career with Supreme Foods MOD here in Afghanistan in 2004 as a warehouse employee helping to create and develop a warehouse from scratch. This mission was successful and he was later promoted to a team leader position. He would go on to spend nine years with Supreme Foods service MOD before taking up a position with ANHAM FZCO SPV in 2013, where, after another four years, he is now enjoying the position of Warehouse Supervisor for the dry warehouse.

Timor has been able to play a significant role in the expansion of general services and benefits to our customers and has been an integral part of developing the warehouse dry picking section, which has been a profitable enterprise for ANHAM FZCO. His growth at ANHAM FZCO D5 has given him the opportunity to use his expertise in warehousing as a catalyst for growth in a myriad of ways and having the chance to work with the Subsistence Prime Vendor in Afghanistan will continue to afford him new opportunities in the future. ANHAM FZCO has been incredibly supportive of Timor’s career ambitions and has identified ways to support his hard work and dedication support from management through warehouse training programs, encouragement initiatives and a clear career path.