ANHAM’s Service Security in the Most Demanding Theatres of Operation

ANHAM FZCO has a reputation for operating in several of the world’s regions that are notorious for being underdeveloped and/or conflict zones. To operate successfully, ANHAM originally relied on satellite links to provide IT support for its operations. However, it quickly became apparent that the unreliability and slow service was not working for the type of complex operations that ANHAM was performing throughout the region. ANHAM, as a provider to the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, was also required to comply with the high security standards of the NIST Special Publication 800-171 regulations.

With a strong commitment to always combine the latest technology with a deep appreciation of local customs and culture, ANHAM began to look for new innovative ways to incorporate better IT services into their operations to always insure the best customer service. ANHAM chose the XenApp, XenDesktop Service and NetScaler Gateway Service through Citrix Cloud as its IT services platform for ANHAM global operations. “We are a project organization,” Nishar Kanakkayil, head of IT infrastructure, explained. “It’s easier for us to work on an operating cost model where we can scale up and scale down as required.”

The new model will save ANHAM $100,000 per site, per year, which will be instrumental in streamlining processes and protecting ANHAM data. All U.S. Department of Defense contractors must meet stricter security requirements of Controlled Unclassified Information or risk losing their contracts. With this shift to the new Citrix model, ANHAM will be able to successfully meet those security standards in the most efficient and affordable means possible.