ANHAM and MAG Give Back

ANHAM has long been committed to providing support to the regions in which it operates. Remodeling schools, providing school materials and supplying local communities with food are only a few of the ways that ANHAM has engaged with locals. While ANHAM is constantly prioritizing the needs of its customers, being a part of the surrounding community is an important commitment ANHAM has made over the years and will continue to make going forward.

After teaming up with MAG Global last year, ANHAM was able to provide essential medicines to the Unity Iraq Foundation for Relief & Development (UIFRD). UIFRD has been incredibly important to providing care for the displaced, sick and needy. The medical necessities from MAG Global that were delivered with ANHAM’s logistical support went towards treating patients in Baghdad, Iraq and throughout the Anbar province. While the medical supplies were provided by MAG Global, ANHAM provided the resources to cover the air freight and covered of all fees associated with the donation as the supplies moved across the world from Imres, Netherlands to the Baghdad Airport. With the resources and teamwork ANHAM brings to all facets of its work, the opportunities, both for customers and communities, are limitless.