ANHAM Employee Profile | Hamid Paikar

ANHAM Hamid Paikar began his career with ANHAM in 2008 while working in Kabul as a Team Leader within the Warehouse Operations Department. In August 2013, Hamid joined ANHAM FZCO SPV as a Warehouse Team Leader. Hamid’s dedication, skillset, leadership, attitude and future potential recently resulted in a promotion to Warehouse Supervisor, where he now oversees the entire freezer and chiller operation.

Whatever his role at ANHAM, Hamid’s work is distinguished by his commitment to customer service. He measures the success of his projects by the level of customer satisfaction, ensuring every project he works on meets the high standards on which we pride ourselves.

Hamid has been able to learn about the industry and experience great personal growth during his time with ANHAM. ”What makes ANHAM exciting is that you are always a part of the next up and coming trend,” Hamid said. ANHAM’s mission to involve employees in day-to-day innovation and growth gives employees opportunities to experience industry changes that cultivate professional growth and increased skill development.