ANHAM Employee Profile | Sadhana Lawrence

Ms. Sadhana Lawrence joined the ANHAM team as a Customer Service Representative in October of 2010. She joined the team in Kuwait when our PV project was only newly underway.

As the PV project was getting up and running, Ms. Lawrence’s expertise and experience working with the United States military proved to be an invaluable asset that contributed greatly to the project’s initial success.

Over the course of her tenure here, Ms. Lawrence has been a critical member of the ANHAM team, working with all branches of the US military and supporting the logistics of military barges, and Army and Navy vessels in Kuwait and Jordan.

Ms. Lawrence is a team player who builds relationships on a foundation of mutual respect and confidence. Her commitment to open communication and transparency has always ensured that she is meeting the goals and expectations of ANHAM customers.

While Ms. Lawrence’s commitment to excellence at ANHAM has resulted in her receiving numerous awards and certificates of appreciation, they only a small testament to the dedication and hard work Ms. Lawrence brings to her work at ANHAM.