ANHAM Supports Community Celebrate Ramadan

ANHAM FZCOANHAM is excited to continue another year of supporting our local community in Afghanistan as we celebrate Ramadan. This commitment to support the community during Ramadan is an especially important tradition for all of us.

For Muslims, Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year and is supposed to be a time of intense spiritual discipline. Not only do most Muslims fast during the entire month of Ramadan, but they also practice extra prayer, increased generosity and devote more time to their study of the Quran.

Each year, ANHAM supplies 300 Iftar meals to the Bagram Mosque to be served during the first and last four nights of Ramadan. These meals are served at sundown for attendees to enjoy as they break the fast. 

At ANHAM, we try to support the community in many different ways, which is why we deliver food parcels to over 500 of the poorest families in our area, helping people from all over the province enjoy the Iftar meal.

ANHAM’s Toby Hardie recently received an award from the Bagram District Governor’s office, recognizing the community engagement work ANHAM is doing. The award specifically highlighted ANHAM’s work around school and education efforts, and was received by Toby on behalf of all ANHAM employees. We are especially proud to continue serving the local Afghanistan community around this time of year, and are incredibly proud and appreciative for the recognition of our work with the community.