ANHAM WAY Initiative

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Here at ANHAM we believe in progress, we believe in moving forward.

As part of the implementation of the ANHAM WAY initiative, ANHAM has recently undergone new renovations. The ANHAM WAY is a powerful and proactive management tool that showcases standards visible in the workplace. This is the process of creating and sustaining a visual, clean and safe workplace, thus improving efficiency and morale and promoting effective management. Developing this tool was the first step in implementing the ANHAM WAY and the team is very excited about the changes. Some of the feedback from the team included:

“We’re happy with the fresh new look”

“The renovations have really given us a positive vibe at work”

“Incorporating the ANHAM Way with the new office renovations has provided a new sense of professionalism and pride”

Although it is still an on-going process, the office environment has experienced some rather noticeable changes.

BEFORE                                                                                AFTER