D5 in Afghanistan’s Highly Anticipated Competition

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On August 22, D5 in Afghanistan hosted its own singing competition modeled after “The Voice”! The night was hosted by Declan Donnelly’s long lost and estranged brother, MC Disco Jay Anderson.

The highly anticipated competition kicked off with the nine contestants entering the room to a very special performance from our very own Frank “Emad Aburassa” Sinatra, who wowed the crowd with his version of “My Way.”

The contestants were judged on stage presence, voice quality, audience impact, confidence and timing. A select panel of well-seasoned X Factor-style judges would have the task of deciding the victors. The first performance was given by Anto Paul Vincent (IT). He set the bar high for the audience with his rendition of Kolaveri (A Tamil Song). The whole audience went wild after his performance!

After all the contestants had performed, the judges tallied up the final scores, narrowing the list down to the top three performers.

Third place was awarded to Jun Banaag (Procurement) for his rocking version of “Heaven” by Bryan Adams.

Second place was awarded to Sheila Villarma (Finance) for her version of Celine Dion’s “To Love You More.”

First place was awarded to Virginia “The Voice” Gregorio (Site Services) for her performance of the Olivia Newton-John classic, “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” As Virginia was presented her prize, the audience demanded an encore! Obligingly, she finished the night off with a very moving performance of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” This was met with a standing ovation from the audience and her fellow contestants.

Another very successful event. “Bring on the next one!”