ANHAM Afghanistan Holds Interdepartmental Cook Off

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During a rare day of limited operations due to a local holiday, ANHAM Afghanistan held an interdepartmental cook off. The challenge was to cook a two-course meal, using ingredients available from either the kitchen or the local market and utilize the cooking facilities that are on hand to the teams on D5.

Each department would enter their dishes to be judged by a panel of impartial judges. The judges included the DEFAC Manager, Mirka Ratatulli, the COR, Jimmy Colley, and the Wazzan Operations Manager, Stuart Smith.

Participants had to handle the challenges of the competition in addition to normal operations during the day – no small feat! And with the added pressure of the DPM conducting surprise interviews during the preparation phase, it was going to be a challenge.

The stage was set, six teams entered and presented the judges their two-course meals. Judges reviewed the dishes based on presentation and – most importantly – taste!

After the judges had feasted on the submitted delights, the results were calculated. The final result was a draw, it was down to the wire but there had to be a winner!

The final results are:

Winners: Main Course – Team 6 (HR, Finance, Clinic and Procurement) presented the judges with a chicken boiled in Sprite with an Oyster Sauce

Winners Desert Course: Team 3 (CSR) presented the judges with Arm of the Mercedes – An apple and ice cream dish wrapped in meringue.

A great day was had by all, even the Warehouse Ops manager enjoyed another loss to the CSR team (much to Jayson Galicia’s delight).