Annual Holiday Festivities at ANHAM Kuwait

This past winter, ANHAM Kuwait hosted its most eagerly awaited event of the year: the annual holiday party. The event included an extravagant lunch for all ANHAM staff and visitors, and a raffle draw where a few lucky employees are awarded fabulous prizes. Afterwards, the highly anticipated decorating competition kicked off.

Last year, to add to the festivities, the team was treated to live music from the United Radio Band. As an even bigger surprise, the live music was followed by ANHAM Kuwait’s “ANHAM’s Got Talent!”

There was singing, dancing, magic and many more outstanding performances throughout the event, with Mr. Aqib Minhas winning 1st place in the competition. Although there could only be one winner, everyone’s talent and theatrics were commended.  

Meanwhile, the contestants of the decorating competition rushed about trying to make last minute adjustments to their entries before the judges showed up for inspection.

Choosing between the incredibly detailed and painstakingly constructed handmade designs was no easy task, which led to the first ever tie between the Operations and Customer Service departments. It was a wonderful way to bring the team together and a fun event for all to participate in!