ANHAM Afghanistan Celebrates Thanksgiving

With spring right around the corner, we’re taking some time to remember the evening of November 22, 2018, when the mouthwatering smell of Thanksgiving dinner filled the air in the Dfac. The Thanksgiving meal’s aroma wafted through the space, ensuring everyone knew it was time for a feast.

After a brief Thanksgiving speech from Dave Bernard, the feast began. There was a wide variety of dishes that included roasted turkey, BBQ pork ribs, BBQ beef steak and chicken tandoori. Although everyone was quite stuffed, the delicious dinner was followed by an equally delicious dessert that no one could turn down.

Thanksgiving symbolizes good food, good times with friends and colleagues and creating memories that everyone can enjoy for years to come. This Thanksgiving was especially memorable for everyone. However, it wasn’t just the good food that made it an enjoyable evening for everyone involved. The best part was sharing the special evening with the loving ANHAM PV Family.