U.S. Government Closes Investigation, Dismisses Charges and Agrees to Not Pursue Prosecutions

December 4, 2019. This week, the U.S. Government ended an investigation into an issue that involved ANHAM and several of its former subcontractors. The government dismissed all charges that were pending against a former ANHAM employee and other individuals connected to ANHAM’s former subcontractors, in relation to past transshipments through Iran that ANHAM voluntarily disclosed to the government in 2013.  Further, the government will not proceed with any prosecutions against any of the companies or individuals related to the incident. 

Neither ANHAM nor its current employees were charged with any wrongdoing in connection with the resolution, or at any time during the investigation.

The resolution brought an end to a related civil case and included a non-prosecution agreement between the government and a former subcontractor of ANHAM, in which the former subcontractor agreed to a monetary payment.

ANHAM has also agreed to review and continue to strengthen its internal compliance programs and to cooperate with future government investigations, consistent with the company’s long-standing commitment to serve as a valuable and dependable partner of the U.S. government and service members.

ANHAM has a long and successful history working with the U.S. government and military to provide high quality services reliably and cost-effectively in active war zones around the world.  Most critically, ANHAM has for years provided food and other critical services to American troops stationed throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan, saving U.S. taxpayers approximately $1.4 billion through the Afghanistan contract alone.  ANHAM looks forward to building on this legacy and continuing to serve and support American service members.