ANHAM To Store And Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine In Afghanistan

ANHAM will now be able to distribute pharmaceutical products in Afghanistan.

With a 17 year history handling international distribution centers as part of its Supply Chain and Logistics Management services, ANHAM’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions has further been bolstered after it recently attained a Good Distribution Practice certification for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Afghanistan.

This certification is an important milestone for ANHAM, it will enable the organization to be at the forefront of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out program in Afghanistan.

This action underlines ANHAM’s continued commitment to being part of the solution in the continued fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic. The certification was received following a comprehensive evaluation process during which a team of external auditors analyzed ANHAM’s transportation, handling and storage processes.

“By obtaining this Good Distribution Practice accreditation we are perfectly placed to provide a viable COVID-19 vaccine storage and distribution solution to the government and people of Afghanistan, this is a great achievement for us as an organization”, quotes Mark Webster, Director of Operations at ANHAM, Dubai.

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