Beau Lendman – Senior Vice President – Government Relations

Beau Lendman is the Senior Vice President at ANHAM. His proven management experience consists of more than 27 years of project management, business development, strategic economic studies, and finance/accounting in emerging markets; regional and worldwide. Since 2005, Beau has been instrumental to ANHAM’s transformation into a larger scale government-contracts organization. His skillful management of diverse and complex projects with amounts exceeding $2 Billion has significantly contributed to ANHAM’s successful endeavors in attaining new projects and viable business partnerships. In addition, Beau’s notable efforts in project management includes the oversight of more than 5,000 personnel in multifaceted operations such as life support, warehouse, information technology, training programs for local national forces of Iraq and Afghanistan, and more recently with Defense Logistics Agency’s Prime Vendor contracts in the Middle East. His efforts in complex business planning, strategic financial modeling and constructive client relations have remained significant to ANHAM’s successes, past and current.

Prior to his employment with ANHAM, Beau was responsible in providing support to U.S. and emerging market companies which includes several industries throughout Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. His steadfast efforts on creating alliances between companies in these diverse markets helped to ensure lasting business relationships nationwide and overseas.